The Top Lures And Methods For Bass Fishing

Knowing what to do and what not to do with bass fishing can mean the difference between having success or experiencing failure. If you are looking to improve your catch rate, there are certain things you can do to improving your catch odds.

In this article, we will be going over some of the key tips that you are going to want to use in order to improve your bass fishing efforts.

Choosing The Best Lures

1. Stick Bait

This is easily the most popular and for good reason. Stick bait has been and will continue to be the most popular bass lure because it works very well. Not only can they be adhered to just about any rig, but they can be found in a lot of different colors which only improve the versatility of it.

You can find this type of lure available in everything from colors that stand out to colors that blend in. This allows you to use it in different locations with equal success.

2. Spinnerbait

This is another good option to consider if you are trying to catch larger and more aggressive bass. Because this lure features a larger overall profile, it is a good option for catching larger bass.

This type of lure excels when used in areas that will require durable lure because it can withstand being bumped over harder surfaces. Likewise, if you get spinnerbait in red color, it can trick the bass into thinking that the bait is injured which can drive more bites.

3. Jig

This is one of the best options if you are looking for something that is going to help you year-round. No matter where you are looking to catch bass or at what time during the year, you can use a jig effectively to accomplish your goals.

They are extremely versatile in use-case and they can be used in a variety of ways. Not only can you use them in shallow water, but they can be used deep, as well. No matter where and how you are bass fishing, you can use jigs to get your bites.

4. Finesse Worm

This is another good option to consider if you are struggling to get bites. While they are much more basic and simplistic than some of the other options, they work.

Finesse worms can be used year-round regardless of the conditions. While they won’t be nearly as durable as spinnerbait, you will be hard-pressed to get better results with other lures in any condition than with a finesse worm.

5. Crankbaits

This is another lure that you can use in virtually any water condition or time of year. Crankbaits are very effective at generating bites. This is especially true if you switch up the types of crankbaits.

You can find these lures available in wide wobbling lures that tend to work best in warmer water and you can also find narrow wobbling crankbaits that generate better results in colder water conditions as they won’t wobble nearly as much.

Methods For Catching More Bass

1. Know Which Lure To Select

Bass can be extremely picky. You want to figure out what type of lure works the best for the respective bass that you are fishing. Knowing what type of lures work best for the local waters you are fishing in is key.

You will find a lot better results once you learn the types of lures that work the best in the area you are fishing and by adjusting your lures to accommodate.

2. Use The Wind To Your Advantage

While it might limit your ability to throw your cast at a significant distance, you will be able to catch more bass by paying attention to the wind. Try facing the wind which will help you get more bass swimming towards you.

Bass look to swim with the current which is dictated by the wind pattern. Therefore, you will have a much greater chance of getting a bass to bite on your lure prior to them seeing your boat by using the wind and current to your advantage.

In the end, there is plenty you can do to become better at bass fishing. By being mindful of what lures you are using and by utilizing the right methods, you should be able to experience greater success with your bass fishing.